What The F**k Is My Twitter Bio?

Here’s a fun side-project I created last week with fellow Digiday staffers Saya Weissman and Brian Braiker: What The F**k Is My Twitter Bio? It’s a single-serving site that generates ridiculous Twitter bios, inspired by What The F**k Should I Make for Dinner.

I built the site using Justin Windle’s WTFEngine, and Saya and Brian contributed copy. It proved an overwhelming success, reaching nearly 100,000 unique users around the world in just 36 hours, appearing on CNN and Tech Crunch, and being shared by some of Twitter’s most high-profile users.  I’ve written a full postmortem on the project over at Digiday, but the highlights are below.

Traffic stats

The site continues to generate a decent amount of traffic, but in the first 36 hours it attracted 80,000 unique visitors, an average visit duration of nearly 60 seconds, and visits from 130 countries.

Press coverage

The site was covered by a range of high-profile blogs and media outlets, including CNNTech Crunch, The Daily DotLaughing Squid, Design Taxi, Trend Hunter, and others.  They didn’t drive as much traffic as Facebook and Twitter, but they helped add a few thousand unique visits each. We didn’t pitch any of those blogs, so they must have noticed it getting passed around on social media

Social Buzz

The site was shared almost 5,000 times on Twitter and 4,000 times on Facebook in the first 36-hours it was live. Meanwhile, the @Digiday Twitter account gained over 600 new followers, compared with the 180 it would normally gain on a Thursday and Friday in January. The personal accounts of Saya, Brian and I also gained hundreds of new followers, too.

The best part of the whole experiment, however, was seeing the site getting passed around by some big names on Twitter. That, and seeing the joy it was bringing to people. We recieved hundreds of tweets thanking us for the site, and many users changed their Twitter bios to the suggestions the site gave them. I’ve embedded a bunch of examples below:



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