About Me

What I do

I’m a business journalist covering advertising, marketing and media. I write about the ways technology is changing the media industry and the companies in it. That includes publishers, advertisers, agencies, platforms, social media companies, startups, advertising technology companies, and everything in between. See my résumé for more.

Who I do it for

I’m currently a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, before which I was a staff writer for Digiday and ClickZ. My reporting has been highlighted by the BBC, LA Times, Huffington Post, The Verge, Gawker, CNET, Business Insider, Venture Beat, International Business Times, and prominent bloggers including Andrew Sullivan and John Gruber. I’ve also contributed to shows on BBC World Service Radio and National Public Radio.

Conferences & Events

In the past four years I’ve appeared on stage at numerous media industry conferences and events, including Advertising Week, Social Media Week, SXSW, Search Engine Strategies and a wide range of Digiday events.

Other Projects

I’m proficient in HTML and CSS, and know enough PHP and Javascript to get by. Over the past 8 years I’ve used that knowledge to help small businesses establish their own Websites and online marketing strategies, and to build custom WordPress themes for online publications.

I’ve also worked on a few projects of my own, including Barific.com – a location-aware mobile Web application that finds the best bars, drink specials, and happy hours near users at any given moment.

My other side projects have included WhatTheFuckIsMyTwitterBio.com