Advertising Technology for Dummies

Here’s a series of articles I wrote that’s designed to serve as an intro to the confusing world of ad tech. It’s called WTF Ad Tech, and it explains advertising technology platforms and concepts in simple English.

My First Quadcopter “Dronie”

The Journal has published a lot of articles about quadcopters or “drones” recently, including this one on how to take aerial selfies (or “dronies”) and this one about how drones are revolutionizing the humble vacation photo. I decided to see what all the fuss was about, and picked a cheap quadcopter of my own.

I’m Joining The Wall Street Journal

I’m pleased to announce I’m joining The Wall Street Journal to report on marketing and media. I’m excited to get started at the Journal, but I’m also sad to be leaving Digiday. It’s a great company run by some of the most talented people in the business, and I’m extremely proud to have contributed to […]

What The F**k Is My Twitter Bio?

Here’s a fun side-project I created last week with fellow Digiday staffers Saya Weissman and Brian Braiker: What The F**k Is My Twitter Bio? It’s a single-serving site that generates ridiculous Twitter bios, inspired by What The F**k Should I Make for Dinner.

My First Media Startup: Choon Magazine

This year I spent Christmas at my family home in London, and took the opportunity while I was there to sort through some old belongings. Deep in the back of an old wardrobe I found a copy of the first issue of Choon, the music magazine I founded during my final year at Southampton University […]